The Ultimate Guide for Designing Your Table

Let's build your custom dining table!

Hi there! Jeremy here, master craftsman and woodworker for almost 10 years. I've got experience building everything from a farmhouse coffee table to large custom built-in cabinets.

My workshop is located in Haddonfield, NJ by appointment only. I hope this guide helps you prep for your appointment by giving you an idea of what kind of custom dining table you'd like. Contact me with any questions!

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Jeremy Hunter

Owner of J Hunter Woodworks, Master craftsman, & woodworker

The Ultimate Guide for Designing your Custom Table

1. Consider the size

J Hunter Woodworks custom dining Table Guide

Measure your space

Choose where you want your table to be and measure the space. You'll want at least 36" of space between the dining room table and the wall (or furniture against the wall) so that there is room for chairs and still space to walk.

If you are looking for the largest table possible (within reason) then measure your full space from any wall furniture. From there you'll subtract 6 feet from the length and width of the room. That's your maximum table dimensions.

How many seats do you need?

You'll want at least 24" per place setting.

  • 48” long table seats 4
  • 42-48” round table seats 4
  • 60-72” long table seats 6
  • 60” round table seats 6 comfortably or 8 crowded.
  • 80-90″ long table seats 8
  • 92-110” long table seats 10
  • 120” long table seats 12

2. Choose your wood type


Walnut is the most expensive option for your custom furniture project, but it's very durable and has a beautiful wood grain.


Oak is the go-to choice for many of my clients. It's a beautiful, durable wood and isn't too pricey.


Maple is a beautiful, expensive wood, which has finicky coloring. It's tricky to manipulate it's color even with a good stain, so I don't always recommend it for this reason.


Cherry wood has got a very pretty wood grain, is UV sensitive, and becomes darker over time. It's a great wood for a long-lasting custom furniture, but is also expensive.

Knotty Alder

Knotty Alder is the least expensive wood we work with. It's durable and great for wood projects where the wood grain isn't the focal point.


Ash is a durable wood that looks very similar to oak, and it a great substitute to bring down the cost a little.

3. Add legs








Shaker table leg

Welded metal


Trestle or Harvest Table

Trestle or Harvest Table legs are when two legs are joined as one on either side of a dining table. This is very common for a farmhouse style table, or in some picnic tables.

oak colored table with bench and chairs


Pedestal table legs are often seen on round or square tables, where instead of having multiple table legs, there is one large, (usually ornate) leg that holds up the table top.

Ash wood custom dining table

4. Finishing touches

Consider matching chairs or benches

Choose how many chairs you want and if you want to supplement with a bench. Benches can be more cost-affective than chairs, and the asymmetrical look of chairs on all around and bench on one side is quite popular right now.

Choose your stain & paint

We typically recommend staining and sealing to make the natural grain of the wood shine. Especially on the table top since it gets the most wear and a good stain will keep it looking beautiful and it won't chip like a painted table top.

If you'd like to paint the legs or chairs, we will use our least expensive wood for those parts to bring down the overall cost for you, while having just as sturdy of a finished product.

5. Let us do the work

I hope you enjoyed this custom dining table design guide!

If you are interested in seeing some of the custom dining tables we've made for other clients, check out our portfolio. when you're ready book an appointment to get a free quote and get the ball rolling on your custom dining table and any other woodworking projects. We would be honored to work with you to finalize a design and build your heirloom quality furniture.