Custom wood tables

Custom furniture that will outlast you.

Picture of Jeremy Hunter, owner of J Hunter Woodworks in Haddonfield, NJ

Jeremy Hunter

Founder of J Hunter woodworks and master craftsman. Building custom wood tables since 2018

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Custom wood tables made with quality in mind.

J Hunter Woodworks focuses on creating heirloom pieces. Because of this, we use time-tested woodworking techniques and quality wood to build all our custom tables and other custom furniture. There's a reason that wood furniture has never gone out of style. It's durable and beautiful! If you are looking a table that you can pass on to your kids, look no further. Invest once and never buy a dining room table again.

Some of our tables

We create a wide variety of custom projects, but tables are our specialty. There's just something special about gathering around a home-cooked meal or some greasy takeout, with family and friends. Lifelong memories are shared at the dining table or gathered around a coffee table. Such a special place deserves a little extra care. We love knowing that the furniture we create will be a beautiful setting for even more beautiful memories.

High quality materials

We use real wood for our woodworking project, with the only exceptions being occasional wooden legs, or perhaps a herringbone design in plywood. Our favorite wood to work with is walnut and oak, followed by maple, cherry, and knotty alder.

Beautiful design

To start, we work with you to come up with your dream design. Check out our table design guide to see some of the things we will be reviewing with you. When you come to the workshop, you will be able to feel the wood with your own hands and see the different styles of legs right in front of you. We make sure we work out the perfect table design before getting to work.

Old-school skill

Let's face it. an assembly line isn't going to give the care and meticulous skill that a passionate craftsman brings to the table (pun intended). On average, hand-crafted tables are going to last longer than a mass-produced one. Why is that? Because of the pride that an artist has in their work.

Let's work together

We value your vision, and hope that you will give us the chance to work with you on your dream custom wood table. Not sure if you want to work with us? That's okay, the first consultation is free and we can help you visualize what the finished product will look like, as well as give you a quote on the spot.

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