Mid-Century Modern Style

Mid-Century Modern Style

What is it, and why is it so appealing?

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Mid-century modern interior design originated in the post-world war II era. People were arriving home after the war and an economy boom ensued. People cared about making their home stylish and comfortable.

Every style makes a come-back, and mid-century modern has its turn. The vintage furniture that you may be lucky enough to find at a flea market or estate sale is typically made from teak, elm, rosewood, walnut, beech or beautiful maple wood.

 Original pieces from the 1960s are hard to find, so many people turn to mass-produced substitutes or have custom furniture made to match the aesthetic. Naturally, we suggest supporting a local woodworker because it will be worth it for the quality. Check out our post on the pros and cons of mass-produced vs custom furniture

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What does mid-century modern furniture look like now?

Clean lines, tanned leather, and deep chestnut colored wood are often staples of the this interior design look.

Colors used involve warm tones, dark blues, green and brass accents.

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Side tables, console tables and chairs often have hairpin legs.

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Chairs and couches will often feature tufted upholstery. Often featuring velvet fabrics.

What makes mid-century modern style so appealing?

Mid-century modern furniture is the perfect blend between retro and modern. It's simultaneously a revived vintage style, while still having clean edges and smooth finishing.

Not to mention it also just has a sophisticated look which makes it look timeless. It's not gaudy or rugged. If your furniture is made from REAL high quality wood like the original stuff or custom made from a woodworker, you can expect it to be high quality and long lasting.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture by J Hunter Woodworks

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