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Woodworker Jeremy Hunter measuring wood
mid-century modern media center

Mid-Century Modern Style

By Jeremy Hunter | July 13, 2023

Mid-Century Modern Style What is it, and why is it so appealing? Mid-century modern interior design originated in the post-world war II era. People were arriving home after the war and an economy boom ensued. People … Read More

Interior designer at work

Why Hire an Interior Designer?

By Jeremy Hunter | July 12, 2023

Why hire an interior designer? If you’re considering giving a revamp to your family home, want to make a new place look like a real home, or need to make a business look the well-ordered part, … Read More

custom walnut dining room table

Custom Furniture vs Mass-produced furniture

By Jeremy Hunter | July 5, 2023

Custom Furniture vs Mass-Produced Furniture Which is right for you? The biggest reason to choose custom furniture over mass-produced furniture is of course quality, but you probably already guessed that. The biggest thing holding you back … Read More

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Jeremy Hunter, founder & master craftsman

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